LiteForex: Forex Trading Platform with Best Customer Service

With more and more ways of earning money coming up each day, people have become aware that letting their money sitting idle in a bank isn’t going to make them rich. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of people who are looking for ways to invest their money in the right place, one of them being Forex trading. In simple terms, it is the trading of currency which is also called FX or foreign exchange. It is a platform for the global market where people can invest their money and use it to trade the currency of different nations to make a profit. It is a market which is considered to be the biggest liquid market in the world where each day above $5 trillion is traded on average.
If you get the hang of it, then Forex can be an amazing way of investing and making money, and the fact that it is simple and highly accessible to almost everyone, it becomes an attractive investment platform.

What is the meaning of Forex Transaction?

When you invest your money in Forex, you should know what it truly involves so that you are well equipped and informed beforehand and are able to make the right decision. The factor which determines how much money you are going to make depends on the Forex exchange rate between the currencies of different nations and their supply and demand frequency. So if, for instance, you travel from India to England and do a forex transaction under which you exchange your Indian rupees to the pound used in England, you will receive the pounds against your rupees based on the current rate of Forex exchange. As you know the Forex rates are dynamic and always change due to the influence of numerous factors, hence it will be hardly possible that you will receive the same amount of pounds in exchange of your rupees or vice versa.

What are the benefits of Forex Trading?

Since Forex is not accessible online as well, therefore, it has become the highest accessible market to people who want to trade and invest by just setting up an online Forex trading account which can be done in a matter of 1 to 3 days at really low cost.
You can trade in Forex by going online and it is all in real time where you get access to the current market price, news tools and other necessary accessories and information available to you at all times.
The Forex market never closes, it remains open/online 5 days a week and 24 hours a day, so you never miss an opportunity to make some money.
Forex has deep liquidity and being a fast moving market, it provides quick returns.
In terms of volume, it is the largest global market and there is a lot of liquidity which eases the trading.
Forex investment is reliable as it helps in making profits by using facts, technical analysis of the data in real time.
There is a low risk of the insider price manipulation.
It is cost effective and affordable for individuals who cannot have huge savings at their disposal. An investor is required to pay really low commission.
It comes with simple tax rules
A person is supposed to pay a lot less commission; it also falls under tax rules which are simple and easy to process.

What are the disadvantages of Forex Trading?

Before you sail out to invest your money in Forex trading, you should also know about the basic cons 
It is a highly volatile trading platform where you can make great profits but also end up losing a lot.
It can be a rough market for small traders as the Forex is mostly dominated by big traders who control most part of the trade as well as the profit through their actions and transactions
Even though it is such a great and big platform, still there are no stern laws to monitor the activities here, so bringing a swindling trader to justice can be really tough.
There are many people out there who make money at the cost of unsuspecting investors so before you register with a company, do check their credentials.

LiteForex Trading Platform in India

LiteForex: Forex Trading Platform with Best Customer Service
Among numerous Forex platforms in India, LiteForex has made quite a name for itself. The company was established in 2005 and it was the first to introduce the concept of cent account which required the minimum deposit of just $1 and this helped numerous potential investors and traders to get into the Forex trading.

At present, LiteForex is a popular and reputed international broker platform that provides various services to more than half a million investors and traders all over the world. Some of the major aspects of investing in this company are –

The company has been in existence since 2005, it is reliable and has a good reputation. It has its offices in over 15 countries and is expanding fast
It is really easy and quick to start your Forex trading account with the company as the time taken to register is just 3 minutes and you need a low initial deposit
LiteForex provides a number of trading instruments which include the list of major currency pairs and their cross rates; investment information regarding precious metals; stock indexes of major American, European, Asian, Australian markets; cryptocurrency; information on Brent and crude oil.
ECN technologies
3 types of trading account
Islamic accounts
Social Trading - a platform for copying trades
Spread refunds
Actual Forex analysis
The Best Client Service
Personal manager
Data Safety
Convenience of work with cash flows
Payment system fee reimbursements
Regular contests with valuable prizes
Automated withdrawals of funds

If you want to be more certain about investing with LiteForex, then you can also open a demo account to get the feel of it. Investing in this company will give you a stable platform to invest and make great profits.
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